Functional Materials Laboratory

Department of Chemistry (BK21 Plus), College of Science

Sungkyunkwan University

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Oct 30~Nov 1, 2019: KSIEC Meeting (ICC JEJU) 한국공업화학회 추계총회

Feb 26, 2013: Prof. Ji Man Kim awarded SKKU Young Fellowship

                                           Research Overview

Research interests of our group, the Functional Materials Laboratory, are various aspects of science and technology, ranging from fundamental research to possible industrial applications. Our researchers are focused on design and synthesis of noble nanoporous materials, especially mesoporous materials, and nano-structured materials such as nanoparticles and nanowires. (view more)

Professor Ji Man Kim

Professor Office

Room 330410 (Chemistry Building)

Tel. +82-31-290-5930

Fax +82-31-299-4174

Student Office

Room 330405 (Chemistry Building)

Tel. +82-31-299-4882

Room 83249 (Research Complex 2)

Tel. +82-31-299-4894

               Recruiting | Graduate Students & Research Associate

We are looking for candidates for M.S. and Ph.D positions. Positions are available for anyone who are interested in our research topics. If you have some interests in our research area, please contact Professor Ji Man Kim. (view more)

Recent Publications

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Last update : Oct, 2021

Cover, October 2021

"Unveiling the role of micropores in porous carbon for Li–S batteries using operando SAXS" Chem. Commun., 2021, 57, 10500-10503.  DOI Link

"The effects of nanostructures on lithium storage behavior in Mn2O3 anodes for next-generation lithium-ion batteries" ACS Energy Letters, 2021, 6, 8, 3004-3010.  DOI Link

"Reaction mechanism and additional lithium storage of mesoporous MnO2 anode in Li batteries" Journal of Energy Chemistry, 2021, 53, 276-284.  DOI Link

"Evidence for the Coexistence of Polysulfide and Conversion Reactions in the Lithium Storage Mechanism of MoS2 Anode Material" Chemistry of Materials, 2021, 33, 6, 1935-1945.  DOI Link